The nomination form for all courses is identical and can be downloaded at the following link:  Nomination_Form_WEB.doc

Once downloaded these forms must be printed, filled in, signed by the applicant and the person authorising the nomination and then returned via email ( or fax (011 475 8432)
Course nominees are requested to follow the correct procedures as laid down by their employer with regard to obtaining order/purchase numbers.

The training cost per person per day is R1450 excluding VAT.
Practical MEC and RPM exam fee is R600 per candidate per exam excluding VAT.
Please note Accommodation costs are seperate and are for the suppliers' account.
For external venues the training and exam costs are the same. There will, however, be an additional cost for the presenters' travel and accommodation. These additional costs are:
Travel: R4.50 per km or flight cost (destination dependent) and car hire approx. R700 per day. Accommodation: R900 per night. All costs are excluding VAT.
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